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​Frequently Asked Questions About International Code Council Certification Renewal—Including Online Renewal


What if I have multiple certifications with different expiration dates?
You have the option of having one expiration date for all of your certifications. However, when you combine dates, you will be required to waive the full three-year period of active status for some of your certificates. All of the certifications that are selected for renewal will automatically be issued the same expiration date, which is the date of processing.

What do I do if my certification is inactive (not renewed by the expiration date)?

You can renew inactive certifications in the same manner as certificates that are active, as long as you have accrued current CEUs. There is an additional reinstatement fee per application ($105 for Members; $145 for nonmembers) to renew certificates that are inactive (within six years of initial expiration date). Certifications that are more than six years past initial expiration have a special reinstatement program found at www.iccsafe.org/ renewals.

How do I accrue CEUs, and what are considered acceptable CE and professional development activities?

A CEU is a continuing education unit; each 10 clock hours of continuing education equals 1 CEU. For example, a typical one-day seminar has 6 hours of instruction, or 0.6 CEUs. Credit is awarded for a variety of activities wherein the objective is achieving relevant professional knowledge beyond that required for initial certification.

Does ICC verify the continuing education submitted for renewal?

All information submitted is subject to random audit. You are responsible for deciding what professional development is most appropriate for your needs, and when you submit your certification renewal form, whether on paper or online, you attest that all information is accurate. You must retain documentation for the CEUs submitted for three years from the date the renewal is requested, and submit this documentation upon request.

How do I notify the Certification department about a change of address?

All address changes should be mailed to the Certification department at the address listed in this bulletin. It is important that you list your old address, new address, any updated phone numbers, and your certification number(s).

How do I log on to the ICC website to renew my certifications online?

Go to www.iccsafe.org/renewals and look for “Login to myICC.” If you hold ICC certifications, log on with your existing username and password; if you do not know this information, do not create a new account. Contact ICC at 888-422-7233 ext. 5524 or certexam@iccsafe.org for assistance.

How do I keep track of my earned CEUs online?

If you use the online system, you can enter your CEUs as you earn them throughout the year – no more trying to remember when you took a class or seminar. Simply enter the information just as you would on the paper application, and they’ll be ready when you need to submit your renewal application. I don’t see my particular renewal program available for online renewal. Where is it? Certifications that require prerequisites/retesting that ICC needs to verify cannot be renewed online. You may still enter CEU activity online, but the actual renewal of your certifications will be done via the paper application.

How much does it cost to renew my certification online?

There is no additional fee for renewing online. If your certification is available for online renewal and you choose to use the paper-and-pencil application option, you will incur an additional $40 for this option. (For certifications that are not yet available to renew online, using the paper application will not incur an additional fee.)

How quickly is my application processed?

Your certifications are renewed immediately. You will see your new certification expiration date on our online search for certified professionals immediately after your online renewal application is processed. ICC Certification staff reviews submissions, and all applications are auditable, as before.

Do I have to renew online, or can I still use the paper application?

You can still use the paper application, but there is an additional $40 fee for this option if your certification is available for online renewal. FAQs about the ICC Recertification Program Important changes to the ICC renewal process are continuing to go into effect. These changes are part of a three year program which began in April 2014, to strengthen the credibility of the ICC Certification program. The changes beginning in July 2016 include: 50% of CEUs must be earned from training by ICC or ICC’s Preferred Provider Network (PPN), a group of individuals and companies approved by ICC to provide quality code related training.