International Code Council Certification Categories


​Residential Inspection

B1 Residential Building Inspector

E1 Residential Electrical Inspector

P1 Residential Plumbing Inspector
M1 Residential Mechanical Inspector

R5 Residential Combination Inspector

Commercial Inspection

B2 Commercial Building Inspector

E2 Commercial Electrical Inspector

P2 Commercial Plumbing Inspector
M2 Commercial Mechanical Inspector

C5 Commercial Combination Inspector

Plans Examine

B3 Building Plans Examiner

E3 Electrical Plans Examiner

P3 Plumbing Plans Examiner
M3 Mechanical Plans Examiner

R3 Residential Plans Examiner

RF Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspector/PE

C3 Combination Plans Examiner

Energy Inspection/Plans Examiner                        
77 Commercial Energy Inspector
78 Commercial Energy Plans Examiner
79 Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner

CE Commercial Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner with ASHRAE 90.1

GC IgCC Inspector/Plans Examiner w/ ASHRAE 189

G1 Green Building—Residential Examiner


66 Fire Inspector I

67 Fire Inspector II
F3 Fire Plans Examiner
FM Certified Fire Marshal (CFM) [6.0 CEUs]
CA Commercial Fire Alarm Inspector
CN Commercial Fire Alarm Plan Examiner I

CR Commercial Fire Alarm Plans Examiner II

CF Commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspector
CP Commercial Fire Sprinkler Plans Examiner

​Special Inspector

48 Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector Associate

49 Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector
NOTE: ACI Field Technician Grade 1 must be current for 48 or 49
92 Prestressed Concrete Special Inspectors
S1 Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspector
S2 Structural Welding Special Inspector
86 Spray-applied Fireproofing Special Inspector
84 Structural Masonry Special Inspector
EC Soils Special Inspector
MI Master of Special Inspection

Code Enforcement
14 Permit Technician
21 Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner
75 Zoning Inspector
64 Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector
C1 Coastal and Floodplain Construction Inspector
DR Disaster Response Inspector
FG Fuel Gas Inspector

General Inspection

B5 Building Inspector
E5 Electrical Inspector
P5 Plumbing Inspector
M5 Mechanical Inspector

C8 Combination Inspector (Bldg, Elect, Plbg, Mech)

International Code Council Certification Categories (Continued) 


Code Official and Code Specialist                        
T6 Permit Specialist (PS)
CB Certified Building Official (CBO) [6.0 CEUs]
B6 Certified Building Code Official (CBCO)
E6 Certified Electrical Code Official (CECO)
P6 Certified Plumbing Code Official (CPCO)
M6 Certified Mechanical Code Official (CMCO)
H6 Certified Housing Code Official (CHCO)
F6 Certified Fire Code Official (CFCO)
G8 Energy Code SpecialistMP Master Code Professional


34 Plumbing Inspector UPC
44 Mechanical Inspector UMC
50 Combination Inspector—Uniform Codes
56 Combination Dwelling Inspector—Uniform Codes
57 Light Commercial Combination Inspector—Uniform Codes
F1 Fire Prevention Inspector I—NFPC
F2 Fire Prevention Inspector II—NFPC
N7 Building Fire Protection Inspector
N8 Building Fire Protection Plans Examiner
97 Elevator Inspector
85 Structural Steel & Welding Special Inspector
88 Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector—Legacy
89 Prestressed Concrete Special Inspector—Legacy
EA Commercial Energy Inspector w/ASHRAE 90.1
EB Commercial Energy PE w/ASHRAE 90.1
G2 IgCC Commercial Inspector
G3 IgCC Commercial Inspector w/ASHRAE 189.1
G4 IgCC Plans Examiner

G5 IgCC Plans Examiner w/ASHRAE 189.1

State-specific and Specialty

N2 New Jersey Commercial Plumbing Inspector
N3 New Jersey Plumbing Plans Examiner
MR Minnesota Residential Plumbing Inspector
MC Minnesota Commercial Plumbing Inspector
FR Florida Roofing Inspector
L1 Louisiana Residential Plumbing Inspector
L2 Louisiana Commercial Plumbing Inspector
L3 Louisiana Plumbing Plans Examiner
I1 California Commercial Building Inspector
I2 California Commercial Electrical Inspector
I3 California Commercial Plumbing Inspector
I4 California Commercial Mechanical Inspector
I5 California Commercial Combination Inspector
I6 California Building Plans Examiner
I8 Combination Inspector—California Codes
J1 California Residential Building Inspector
J2 California Residential Electrical Inspector
J3 California Residential Plumbing Inspector
J4 California Residential Mechanical Inspector
J5 California Residential Combination Inspector
CX CAL Green Plans Examiner
CG CAL Green Inspector

73 ICC/AACE Code Enforcement Officer**
76 ICC/AACE Code Enforcement Administrator ***

Note: Holding certification or renewing certification in the “General” Inspection category does not qualify you to automatically receive certification in the “Residential” and/or “Commercial” Inspection categories.

​** Requires current Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector and Zoning Inspector certification to renew; no additional CEUs required.

​*** Requires current Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector or Zoning Inspector certification, and Legal/Management module to renew; no additional CEUs required.​​​​ 

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